The terrace will be closed in this season, but when the sun shines we are happy to open the terrace for you. Please let our team know you like to spent some time on the greenest terrace of the Entrepot erea.
USE THE CHAT BUTTON (below at the right side) to let us know you are there. We will come right away!

Welcome at Hotel Pincoffs!

In this time of uncertainty, Hotel Pincoffs is a comfortable, friendly and safe place. We want to offer the best possible service at our terrace, bar and hotel.

Our menu's:
Warm & cold drinks
Bier & cocktails
Wine list
Breakfast & lunch
Dinner & snacks
Whisky list

We offer for free: 

  • Sunscreen
  • Charging your phone
  • Coloring pages for children
  • Desinfect for your hands
  • A fresh drink for your pet (only water)
  • Recommendations? We love to hear them

We make agreements with each other to keep Pincoffs safe. Please have some attention: 

Terrace (and bar):

  • 2 persons per table
  • Keep 1.5 meters away from other guests
  • If you form a household, you can sit at a table with more people. You must then sign a statement.
  • Please disinfect hands
  • You don't have to make a reservation. You will have a fair time to enjoy the order, we will never scare people away, but long-term sunbathing or working on the terrace without consumption is unfortunately not possible during this time
  • Our employees will wash their hands thoroughly every half hour
  • Our toilets are located in the basement. Keep an eye on eachother before you go up or down the stairs.
  • Very important: Stay at home if you are unwell, coughing or sneezing.


  • You declare that you are healthy and are free for at least 24 hours from: cough, colds, fever and shortness of breath.
  • You declare to stay 1.5 meters away from other hotel guests
  • We clean the rooms thoroughly after every stay

Breakfast, lunch & dinner

We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can order this via chat button (at our terrace; please scan the QR code) or with the SuitePad (in your room).
The order can be enjoyed in the room or in the bar or on the terrace.
We temporarily do not charge for room service.

As a hotel we offer numerous packages.

Flexible workplaces

  • Hotel Pincoffs is also a great place for the hard workers among you. We offer our meeting rooms and hotel rooms as flex workplaces. Our team likes to tell how much fun we are.
  • Meeting with more people in a room is not allowed. This is called 'staying' with us and that includes a regular room rate.
  • You can meet with more people in our meeting rooms.