Pincoffs' Hotel vision


Pincoffs' Hotel vision

Who are the hotels founders?
Karen Hamerlynck, Gent
Edwin van der Meijde, Rotterdam
Architects: Wessel de Jonge / Miet Vanderbeke
Initiative: Stadsherstel Historisch Rotterdam

Former journalists Karen Hamerlynck and Edwin van der Meijde first set foot in the old Customs Building on the Stieltjesstraat in 2002. The couple dreamed of making a small luxury hotel in a historic building by the water. The actual realization of the hotel lasted 14 months, four months longer than the contractor had anticipated. However, much had to be done in the highly neglected national monument that was built by Louis Pincoffs in 1879.
The Making of was featured at RTL4 in 43 episodes of the Docu-Soap 'Hotel aan de Maas'.
You can view some episodes on the movie channel on this site. It took six years before the doors of their Suitehotel Pincoffs were officially opened.

On their weblog are their experiences. For recent images and a few episodes from the RTL4 Maas Docu Soap Hotel, watch the movie channel on this site.

Exciting mix
With the help of stylist Mirjam van der Rijst and some advisors, a warm and romantic place with a lot of personal attention was designed. The hotel, housed in a 1879 national monument, boasts a fascinating mix of old and new; of modern and classic.
Authentic details and antiques are interchanged with design and contemporary furniture. The view of the ports, the river and the famous Rotterdam bridges is amazing and makes the hotel unique.

Pincoffs Hotel Advice
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Highest Ratings
Since March 1, 2008, the doors are open from Suitehotel Pincoffs. Thousands of people have already stayed at the boutique hotel, which has been receiving the highest ratings of the city and its surroundings for years.

The hotel concept was nominated for the Best Hotel Concept 2008 award and in many glossy magazines, the exciting interior of Pincoffs has been extensively highlighted. In 2010, the hotel received the Ketelbinkie Prize for innovative entrepreneurship and its role in the city of Rotterdam.

Art & Pincoffs
In all our rooms and suites you can admire beautiful pictures of the raw romance of the port of Rotterdam. They were made by highly appreciated photographers as dozens of years ago Cas Oorthuys, Aart Klein and Frits Rotgans. Their archives are managed by the Dutch Photo Museum in Las Palmas.

With the help of the Fotomuseum and the Center for Fine Arts, the pictures are in beautiful lists in our hotel. In the stairwell and in our Living there are meticulous magnifications of two masterpieces of Cas Oorthuys.

In our library is a beautiful canvas by Willem Westbroek: High visit ...
In the Style Room you will find work of Vivian Ronden in which Rotterdam is central.

Art Suite
In our Art Suite, for meetings for up to 4 people, Liesbeth van Ginneken has made a beautiful painting: Spread Bed. The canvas measures 3 by 4 meters and is the largest that Van Ginneken made in the last quarter century.
In 2001, Liesbeth van Ginneken signed for the project Going Dutch, with large companies in Rotterdam projecting their house collection on the outside. Van Ginneken had dozens of exhibitions in recent years.
Under the inspiring accompaniment of Van Ginneken, various artists designed special furniture for this Art Suite.
Artists who worked together are:
* Bomdesign lamps, artist Michael Bom (Bomdesign)
* Dukdalven meeting table of Refunc, artist Jan Korbes (Refunc)
* Mosaic with Delft blue shards in the bathrooms, artist Inge Suttorp
* Braided rubber bedside tables and sidetable and Pincoffs keychains, artist Jan Willem van Breugel (Wheels-on-Fire)
* Swing seats S9904 are covered with jute PTT mail bags by artist Marlene den Dekker.
* Klokkast, made of felt undercloth, artist Charlotte Kusters (Kusters-Montens)
* Spread bed (3x4 meter), painting by Liesbeth van Ginneken (Van Ginneken)

Vivian Ronden designed with her office inZakeKunst the room and route signage in the Hotel. These have become little gems, performed in the for her typical grafic statues. The 17 signs of the room numbers together tell the story of the people who lived in the late 19th century in the vicinity of businessman and politician Louis Pincoffs.