Green Gold Key


Green Gold Key

Green with a smile

With this motto Hotel Pincoffs wants to clarify its sustainable goals. We love to take care of people, animal and earth. Our small-scale boutique hotel is driven from our hearts which say we need to take care about what the world currently has to offer.
We plant trees and support green initiatives in Rotterdam. Since 2010 Hotel Pincoffs is awarded with the ecolabel Green Key 

If you leave your room will you be so kind to:  
- Turn off the tv-set.
- Turn off the aircoditioning/ heating system.
- Turn of your lights.
- Hang your towls on the hook if you want to use them again.
- We refresh your sheets on the third day of your stay. If you want clean sheets earlier please tell our reception team. 

Thank you for your cooperation.
Team Pincoffs